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Electronic Funds Transfers(EFT) and
ACH Services

Electronic Funds Transfers(EFT) and ACH Services, CYABERAUTHORIZE.COM provides several EFT/ACH services to businesses. EFT/ACH processing is a low cost processing method that is a viable option to merchants who would like to promote a more cash like payment option. ACH/EFT transactions capture payments directly from a customer’s checking, direct deposit, or savings account. Perfect for recurring payments, and larger dollar amount transactions. EFT/ACH services are offered through a virtual terminal environment, and can be presented to clients in an ecommerce environment via an API. Most of the major ecommerce secure payment gateways offer eCheck options as well. CYBERAUTHORIZE.COM can provide the perfect solution for each merchant’s unique situation.

  • Cable & Utility
  • eCommerce
  • Schools
  • Non-Profits
  • Youth/ Sports \Organizations
  • Child/Day Care
  • Membership Businesses (Associations, Gyms, Clubs, etc.)


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