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Cyberauthorize Merchant Services
Expert Consulting

Our goal is to deliver more than we promise! Consider CYBERAUTHORIZE your "Expert Friend" in the merchant services business who owes you a favor! Building a relationship based on trust is primary. We're happy to boast that our clients are the best business decision makers in the country! Large or small, our clients are chose to work with us in short because we respect them, their business's needs, and their bottom line! offers expert consulting to any merchant. We believe in educating the business decision maker as to the merchant account process in its entirety. We want our clients to understand this very vital part of their business. Most merchants must have a merchant account in order to conduct business, however few really understand their pricing, pos solution, and the new bankcard compliance requirements that ALL merchants must comply with.

We offer free price analysis to any current merchant by providing two months current statements. We will provide a phone consultation, and a written price quote to show each merchant how we can streamline the current POS process and lower their merchant account cost. Our goal is getting information to our clients. We treat every client with respect, understanding, and enthusiasm. We never use pressure or scare tactics. We keep it simple, we work fast, and we communicate everything we know to you, our client.

Ask about our merchant account conversion discounts. Move your current merchant account to CYBERAUTHORIZE and receive special discounts. We want every business client to experience the CYBERAUTHORIZE customer service difference. We really care about our merchants and their bottom line. We always work to customize a solution that is specific to every business. Size, and business type are NEVER an issue. If you're a business that wants to accept credit cards, we want to establish your merchant account service so we can assist you for the life of your account. We don't disappear after the set-up. We welcome you to call us for any issue or questions you may have. We do the work of making this process simple, and you the merchant reap the rewards!

Rate Analysis/ Price Comparison

Have a current merchant account? Let us review your statements, merchant agreements, and applicable paperwork. We will explain exactly what services you current have, and what your currently paying for them. If we have services, and solutions that are better, we will advise you of your current options. If what you have is acceptable, cost effective, and compliant, we will give you a big thumbs up! We don't believe in fixing things that are not broken.

We invite our current clients to review their rates and POS solution options every 12-24 months. There are constant changes in the merchant account industry, and we want our customers to have the best working options and solutions as their businesses operate and grow. No obligation... no pressure!
Just remember, we gave you the information, others would not, or could not! We want to build a long-term business relationship, not just a quick sale!
Call to schedule a phone, or in person consultation.
Use the PDF Form to fax or email your Rate Analysis/Price Comparison Request along with at least 2 months current statements. FAX (904) 620-9067 or
Form: Rate Analysis / Price Comparison Form

New Business Consultations

Just started a new business? Your business needs the ability to accept credit cards, and checks. We want to customize a POS solution that is best for your business. We consider your short-term and log-term goals. Change is no problem for us, so you the merchant don't have to be afraid of establishing service through us right away. We have options, and you have choices! We make everything simple, and easy to understand.
Don't waste time! Time is money!

Call us now to schedule a new business consultation meeting by phone or in person.
Call to schedule a phone, or in person consultation. Use the PDF Form to fax or email your consultation appointment request to: FAX (904) 620-9067 or Email:
Form: New Business Consultation Form

POS Solution Analysis

What POS solution do you use? Is it right for the way you do business? Did you know that using the wrong POS solution can cost you a lot of money in discount rate surcharges, and transaction downgrade fees? As a merchant, it is essential that you process transactions the right way, with the proper POS solution, or else those great rates you were sold, will never apply!
Call us now for a free POS Solutions Analysis. PCI Compliance is applicable to this area as well.
Call to schedule a phone, or in person consultation. Use the PDF Form to fax or email your consultation appointment request to: FAX (904) 620-9067 or Email:
Form: POS Solution Analysis Form

PCI Compliance Consultations

PCI Compliance is a BIG DEAL!! Don't be offended by this new requirement. All businesses excepting credit cards must show themselves to be PCI Compliant. We are very knowledgeable on this topic, and welcome new and current merchants to allow us to advise, and assist you in this process. Select the best PCI Compliance service provider, and assistance with selection of the proper questionnaire. Some salespersons are not disclosing this requirement in order to get a merchant to sigh with them, but BEWARE!! Non compliance carries with it huge fines that are driving merchants out of business.

You want to be PCI Complaint. It shows your customers you have taken all precautions to protect their credit card information. Unfortunately PCI Compliance does create new and sometimes expensive service fees, but essentially its the NEW LAW on the books for all businesses accepting credit cards. Merchant's should shop for a PCI vendor that can offer consultation, breach coverage insurance, documentation assistance, and customer support for all the services offered. PCI Compliance has been perceived as a new way for processors to bill merchants for extra fees, but this is not so. Merchant's have a right to understand this process and what the processor requires. Understanding of the compliance requirement is essential, and just another business cost that must be taken into consideration.
Call us and ask us questions. (800) 216-4886. If we can't help or answer your questions, we'll refer you to the right source of information that can. Call to schedule a phone, or in person consultation.
Use the PDF Form to fax or email your consultation appointment request to: FAX (904) 620-9067 or Email:
Form: PCI Consultation Form