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Government Vendors & B2B Merchant's Account 

Government Vendor Merchants

CYBERAUTHORIZE Merchant Services now provides a variety of ways for government vendors to process their federal, state or municipality vendor payments via reloadable MasterCard and Visa’s cards to receive payments for their products and services.

In many cases the vendor needs the ability to process Master Card or Visa as a criteria for qualifying to receive the federal, state or municipality product or service contract.

Set-up and approval is quick and simple. Special pricing for such vendors makes both high or low volume and ticket size parameters very cost effective.

  • Virtual Terminals
  • Mobile/Smartphone Options
  • Touch-tone Telephone Processing

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B2B ( Business to Business) Merchants

CYBERAUTHORIZE Merchant Services has the best pricing for business to business merchants. Not all pricing is the same for these merchants. If your business clients pay with MasterCard/Visa Purchasing Cards, Corporate, or Company Cards, and you don’t have pricing that addresses the common down grading that occurs with these transactions, you’re paying too much.

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