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Cyberauthorize Merchant Services
Provides the Best Solutions Internet Virtual Point of Sale Terminals


Cyberauthorize provides the top rated Internet Virtual Point of Sale(VPOS) Terminal solutions at the absolute lowest prices. VPOS Terminals provide retail and restaurant merchants flexibility to make internet based transactions from through your local PC or direct from standalone terminal. We have terminals with magstrip readers and printers or you can connect your local printer. Cyberauthorize's VPOS Terminal Solutions will allow you to process credit cards, gift cards, checks and PIN Debit transactions as well.

With VPOS your business with have super-fast authorizations and no additional telephone lines. Transactions are sent via your broadband internet connection.

Virtual Terminal w/ Swipe

With your Virtual Terminal Screen on your computer and a card swipe attachment, cardholder information will populate your virtual terminal and you will simply enter the transaction details. These details will be instantly transferred over your gateway for authorization.

Cyberauthorize offers the following solutions:

  • Network Merchants (NMI)
  • eProcessingNetwork
Virtual Terminal POS

As a stand-alone solution have your in-store or local business computer process your transactions. No Need for a separate POS terminal and extra telephone lines or extra printing devices - print with your existing Computer printer.

Cyberauthorize offers the following solutions:

  • eProcessingNetwork
  • Plug'nPay