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Merchant Account Pricing:


Interchange Pass Thru Plus Pricing:


Very Best Types of Businesses:
Any B2B, Med-Large B2C, Govt, Non-Profits
High MPV Merchants
High Transaction Count Merchants >1000/day
Large Ticket Size Merchants >$750
Multiple Processing Methods (Internet and POS Terminal)

Monthly Processing Volume Markup Breaks

          $0   -$9K  : 45BPs                  $100K-$149K: 30BPs
         $10K-$49K: 40BPs                  $150K-$200K: 25BPs
         $50K-$99K: 35BPs                  $200K-Over:   20BPs

1Card Present Rates Only
2 Both Card Present and Card Not Present Rates

Monthly Fees :  These are hard cost that are not affected by processing volume.  They vary per processor.

Per Auth Fee
Statement Fee (Paper/Online)
Monthly Minimum*
PCI Compliance Fee
Annual Fee

Fine Print
Agreement Length of Term
Early Cancellation Fees
Introduction/Starter(Temporary) Pricing

Per Occurrence Fees: These vary by Processor.  They include, but are not limited to: batch fees, account changes, chargebacks/retrievals, customer service, and over-the-limit fees.

*(Only cost affected by Processing volume)

This pricing program is acceptable for merchants of any type that accept 100% consumer credit cards. This pricing program is a very popular, and is great for new to established businesses.

Merchant Account Solutions

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