• I/C Pass Thru Plus

  • Transaction Authorization Fee

  • A Monthly Service Fee

  • PCI Compliance

Merchant Accounts

Cyberauthorize Merchant Services offers the Top Rated Real-Time Payment Gateways at the absolute lowest prices. Our knowledgeable payment specialist can tailor a payment solution specific to your unique business.

  • Fast Approvals
  • No Application Fees
  • Low Monthly Fees

Cyberauthorize offers merchant accounts with NO APPLICATION FEES. We offer low monthly fees, interchange pass thru plus pricing, with professional and courteous customer service. Cyberauthorize has provided professional merchant processing services since 1999. We genuiely care about the success of your business.

This pricing program prices each transaction at its base cost then adds the processing mark-up. With over 160 categories a single transaction can bucket into, this pricing program assures the greatest flexibility in processing venues, and the most accurate lowest per transaction cost versus the standard averaged costing methods traditionally used. Interchange pricing is the pricing method of choice traditionally reserved for high transaction volume merchants, processing extremely high monthly volumes; accepting many types of bankcards, and originating from several card issuing banks. This program is also best for B2B merchants excepting 90% corporate, commercial, purchasing, or government cards. The reconciliation process may be more complicated in that there will be no set flat rate for each transaction. Monthly transactions are documented in great detail, but depending on the type of cards the merchant is accepting, (i.e. Commercial, Corporate vs. Consumer or Rewards) a interchange pass thru account could yield significant monthly savings in transaction cost, only recognizable by high transaction volume. The lower the transaction volume, the higher the basis point mark-up on the account, which could result in a higher cost that a breakout or flat rate pricing. Annual interchange rate increases do not significantly affect this program, because the increases do not affect every category.


How To Get Started
To obtain a merchant account for your business, simply complete our Secure Management Account Inquiry Form. Upon receipt, a customer care representative will forward our merchant agreement for your review and signature. Simply sign and return our merchant agreement and we'll issue your merchant account within 24-72 hours.