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Jacksonville Office: 904-564-1228 CYBERAUTHORIZE Merchant Services offers enterprise class payment services at the absolute lowest prices. Our knowledgeable payment specialist can tailor a payment solution specific to your unique business.

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Internet Merchants

Solutions for all your internet payment processing needs.

  • eCommerce Solutions
  • virtual Terminal Solutions
  • Recurring Billing Solutions
Mobile Solutions

Solutions that allow you to process real time transactions from a smartphone, cellphone or mobile POS terminal

  • Mobile Apps for iPhones, Android, and Blackberry smartphone devices
  • ROAMpay
  • Payment Jack
  • Groovy Tablet
  • Groovy Swiper
Retail Merchants & Wireless Solutions

Solutions designed for store retail owners that need to handle the processing of card-present transactions.

  • Wireless Mobile POS
  • POS Terminals & Peripherals
  • Groovy Storefront
  • Groovy One
B2B and Government Solutions

POS Solutions that allow B2B, and Government purchasing card payments to qualify at their lowest rates.

  • Mobile Services
  • Telemerchant for Touchtone
  • eCommerce/Internet Solutions
Non-Profit, Fundraising & Donation Processing

Easy-to-use solutions for your organization to accept credit card/check payments or donations

  • eCommerce
  • ACH/eCheck
  • Recurring Billing
  • POS Terminal Rentals
MOTO Merchants

Mail Order/Telephone Order Merchants receive flexible, low cost payment solutions for your growing business.

  • virtual Internet Solutions
  • Telemerchant for Touchtone Telephones
  • Recurring Billing Solutions
  • Electronic Check Solutions
  • ACH/EFT Online / Phone/Fax

Our Advantages

  • Best Rate Program
    Stop worrying about high discount rates. Our merchants receive the "Best Interchange Rate" with every transaction

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