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Cyberauthorize Merchant Solutions
Retail & Wireless Solutions

The CYBERAUTHORIZE retail management solution is designed for single-store retail business owners who need a solution that's affordable and easy to learn and use, with functionality that can eliminate the requirement of multiple merchant accounts while increasing efficiency.

wireless POS

CYBERAUTHORIZE provides the top rated Point of Sale Terminals at the absolute lowest price. POS Terminals provide retail and restaurant merchants with card swipe capabilities. CYBERAUTHORIZE can also provide low cost Internet payment (card swipe) processing for retail merchants.

CYBERAUTHORIZE also provides Pin Pads for Debit Card processing.


Our low cost Virtual POS service is a perfect solution for "brick and mortar" retail businesses, Kiosk, and Trade Show Vendors.
Virtual POS is used in place of a traditional POS terminal
Merchants can add a USB connected card swiper & printer to any computer or laptop.

Wireless POS Terminals

Cyberauthorize offers the top rated Point of Sale Terminals from the industries top manufacturers. Merchants can purchase discounted credit card equipment directly from Cyberauthorize. Our mobile payment solutions are low cost, affordable and multi-functional.

Wireless Solutions

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