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TeleMerchant™ is the perfect solution for Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) merchants. TeleMerchant™ allows the sole proprietor to process credit card transactions using their touch tone telephone. TeleMerchant™ is used in conjunction with a Mini Merchant Account™ for low cost small volume businesses.

TeleMerchant™ Highlights

Acceptance of all major credit cards

Fully redundant, fast and reliable network - 100% uptime

24-hour, 365-day customer service and help desk support

Online access to your last six months of statements

No Equipment Required

Timely chargeback retrieval service

A variety of solutions, to fit your business needs

To get started with the TeleMerchant simply complete and return our merchant application or call us on 800-216-4886. - telemerchant solutionscyberauthorize.comcyberauthorize